In an increasingly globalized world, why settle for setting and achieving goals merely on the local level? Your project deserves a broader, more ambitious vision for the medium and long term.


At IRIS Translators & Interpreters, S.L., we have the tools and knowhow to greatly expand the reach of your product, voice or services. Believe in yourself. Your project is worth it.


With over fifteen years of experience in the field of translation and interpreting, we know how to make your event or project a success both here in Spain and abroad.

Our clients include organizations and international investors, multinationals, prestigious institutions, universities, museums, SMEs, hotel chains, health and legal professionals, architects, notaries, film directors, students and private individuals.

We have done translation work for major artists, writers, academics and public officials, as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs who one day dreamt of expanding their horizons and putting their projects and talents to a wider audience.

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In adding value to your personal talent, we pride ourselves on staying true to the details and nuances that characterize not only your manner of working, creating and negotiating, but also how you approach life and view your project.

We strive to help set your sights further afield, to broaden your horizons. But you supply the rest, for you stand firmly at the very centre of our project. Your voice is what matters to us, for it is what we will make resonate with your target audience, replete with all its nuances and subtle undertones, without holding back the least bit of its quality or coherence.



Translation involves far more than mere linguistic competence, encyclopaedic knowledge of words or being familiar with dictionaries, whether conventional ones or any of the various online translation dictionaries. Translating is knowing how to look for and find information, how to connect with the reader or listener, how to convey the message and its context in such a way that you lose none of the nuances, milieu or humour.


We carry out exhaustive research before delving into any of our assignments: from gastronomy of the highest quality to UN Resolutions, from publications for the UN World Tourism Organization and FAO to multilingual publications, webpages, branding, academic and professional forums, employment contracts, meeting minutes, tourist brochures, official documents, conferences, etc. We adapt to the specific characteristics of your project, to your needs.


We mine texts and glossaries of every sort. We work with translators and native experts specialized in different disciplines in order to bring your text to life in another language, to make it resonate as it does in the original. We endeavour to achieve your envisaged purpose, to bring together the same precision and uniqueness you yourself brought to bear in the original.


Request a personalized quote to fit your needs.