IRIS TRANSLATORS & INTERPRETERS, S.L., is located in the centre of Malaga, smack in the middle of the culturally and artistically thriving quarter known as Soho, a mere stone’s throw from the Port of Malaga and a few kilometres from Malaga’s Science and Technology Park. Here to meet all your communicative and branding needs, we network with meticulously thorough linguistic mediators, translators, interpreters and graphic designers whose specializations run the gamut of disciplines and areas of expertise.

Feel free to contact us via our webpage or send us an email at:  info@iristranslators.com

With more than fifteen years of experience in the field of translation, revision and editing, our team is headed by Isabel Moyano Ramos, who personally manages, guides and, ultimately, oversees each and every one of our projects.


“If had to say what best describes me it would have to be my entrepreneurial spirit, my curiosity, my meticulous and pragmatic work ethic, and, of course, my love for linguistic mediation. I have been travelling, writing and translating ever since my first trip to Paris at the tender age of six. I grew up in a family that was very fond of travelling and utterly addicted to culture. I am immensely grateful that my parents read me to sleep at night with Quiroga’s Jungle Tales and awakened me with Wilde’s The Selfish Giant. As well as living next to the sea, my parents taught the word ‘freedom’ in several languages. For as long as I can remember, my sole desire was to read all the books in the world; now, I only wish to script my own story.”

For the past ten years I have been running my own business, a multicultural and multilinguistic project, serving the needs and meeting the demands of our clients, which include the main artistic centers and institutions of Malaga as well as various international organizations such as the FAO, IUCN and the European Commission.

“I have never lived for more than three years in any one place far from the sea. And yet, I can’t go more than two months without travelling to a city with fog, bookshops and cobblestoned streets. Lisbon was my point of departure, but since then: Brussels, Paris, London, Budapest, Vienna, Cologne, Rome, Venice, Florence, London, Bath, Carcassonne, Geneva, Vancouver, Madrid, New York, Rabat, Casablanca, Banff, Barcelona, many times, always pivoting to return to my fulcrum, this multifaceted city which is constantly growing and transforming itself: Malaga.”

These migratory flights and this panoramic vision, which has been but gaining in depth over the past seven years, have allowed me to specialize in and publish translations in a variety of fields:

Artistic and Cultural Translations


Scientific and Environmental Translations


Translations for the Tourist Industry concerning Trips and the Dissemination of Cultural Heritage


Journalistic Translations for Mass Media as well as Social Networks


Translation, Composition, Research and Academic Editing and Revision in University Fields and European Affairs

My other areas of specialization include Law, Gender Studies and International Development, a field wherein my investigative work entitled “El Trabajo de las Mujeres en la Cooperación Internacional” was awarded the University of Malaga’s Premio Victoria Kent prize.

Moreover, I collaborate with various media outlets and NGOs, and am presently writing my doctoral thesis on gender politics in the Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Intermón Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières and Mujeres en Zonas de Conflicto.

I also oversee and translate projects within the editorial and literary sectors, fields in which I earned my postgraduate degree in 2006 and wherein I have been incessantly cultivating my own voice along with the personal and mellifluous style I employ for short stories, travelogues, books of poetry, and opinion pieces.

You can email me at: imoyano@iristranslators.com

Our staff is made up of translators, editors and proof-readers right here in Malaga as well as all over the world. We strive to find the most suitable translator for every written work or live event. We believe in specialization, the critical approach and lifelong learning.

We make use of the best and most up-to-date simultaneous translation equipment, sound technicians, booths and IT support. Moreover, we are constantly expanding and updating our specialized multilingual glossaries thanks to our crack IT team’s deft employment of the latest technology and advanced search engines.

We are with you and here for you every step of the way. Flexible and willing to adapt to the needs of our clients, we take great care to ensure the end result of the translation meets all your expectations.


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